High-tech Sealing Solutions

High-tech Sealing Solutions

For hydraulic, pneumatic, automotive, ...

High-tech Sealing SolutionsIn the last 30 years

We have always been available with a unique sealing solution for those engineers who are struggling to find the answer to an equation, which involves so many parameters like space, pressure, temperature, noise, EMC, type of fluid, ...plus cost.

The introduction of EgaprintTM into the automotive and industrial sector is one of those best answers. And surprisingly you will find that the solution is so simple as they are backed up by great ideas and comprehensive engineering work.

The principle production process is silk-screen printing of a polymeric compound in the shape of a gasket beading over a base-support.

Other options are punching and robot processing

The biggest advantage of Embega is we assure you an “individual case study” to enable the reinforced sealing of critical areas for all typles of applications such as pneumatics, hydraulics, automotive, electronics, domestic appliances and many others.